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This website is created to give consumers access to get informed about us and about our great products in mainly two lines of goods: doors and furniture. Doorsmebel.com website is owned by Brothers International Dooel, in Skopje, Macedonia. Brothers International owns both Doors & Doors and Mebel & Mebel brands.

The company was established in 2016 in Skopje, Macedonia. It started out with wholesale and continued for three years just as a wholesaler in Balkan region. Then, in 2019, management decided to open up the first store in Skopje, Macedonia. The company currently does both wholesale and retail of doors and furniture.

Doors&Doors and Mebel&Mebel brands offer quality products with elegant designs that attribute to taste of Balkan and European region consumers. Our business focuses on three aspects of products that we offer: quality, elegancy and price.

Doors&Doors brand offers great interior doors and exterior doors at very competitive prices. Our doors are mostly designed by us, and totally manufactured in Turkey. We try our utmost to offer consumers best products for what they pay for. Under Doors&Doors brand we offer our customers quality interior doors, doors for schools, hospitals and hotels as well exterior doors for house entrances, apartments, fire exits and emergency exits.

Mebel&Mebel brand addresses the needs of consumers for home, office furniture, hotel furniture and restaurant and cafeteria furniture. However, our main focus is on home furniture since we are home furniture producer ourselves in Turkey.

As we see more and more interest in our products by our customers, we are growing with passion and more enthusiastically to serve more customers with quality and affordable products. That is why we boost our sales on Google, Facebook and Instegram to reach out and inform more consumers about our products. We indent to provide you with ease of access to our products to both inform you about our products more in detail and to give you opportunity to order your needs on those social media venues as you like at any time of the day.

One thing that we like consumers to know is we work for you and we try our best to keep up with novelty. In a rapidly changing world, we do not intent to be followers of the change, but to be leader of change in our lines of businesses in the regions that we operate.
Butel 2, Skopje Ljuba ivanovik no : 5B, Skopje 1000, North Macedonia
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